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 University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology
The museum has a permanent African art exhibit (see "in the galleries"). An online exhibit "Daily Life in Sierra Leone: The Sherbro in 1936-37" draws on the museum's archival photographs.
[posted: Mar 04, 2004]
 Museum for African Art
The Museum for African Art in New York City has both permanent and changing exhibitions of historical as well as contemporary African art. The website offers a special masks exhibit with activities for kids and curricula lessons for teachers.
[posted: Mar 04, 2004]
 Royal Museum for Central Africa in Tervuren, Belgium
The Museum' permanent exhibits include its remarkable collection of ethnographic objects from Central Africa. The temporary exhibitions aim to be a podium for contemporary African art and science.
[posted: Mar 04, 2004]
 Akan Cultural Symbols Project
"This project is designed as an educational resource to show the relationships between Akan visual arts and Akan verbal genres." The web site has sections covering various arts of Ghana: architecture, metal casting, textiles, wood carving and pottery. The site's authors have also produced a book Cloth as Metaphor which can be ordered from the site.
[posted: Mar 04, 2004]
 Africa: The Art of a Continent
This web site is a companion to an exhibition held at the Guggenheim Museum in 1996. "While the primary emphasis in the selection has been aesthetic, the installation presents the works of art in a geographical and historical context and offers descriptions of their cultural uses and symbolic meanings insofar as these are known to scholars."
[posted: Mar 04, 2004]
 Yoruba and Akan Art in Wood and Metal
This is an on-line catalog of an exhibit presented in 1994 at the Lakeview Museum in Illinois. One of the earliest web exhibits, it's still online. Essays on Yoruba art in wood and metal, and on Akan goldweights.
[posted: Mar 04, 2004]
 The Sukuma Museum
"The Sukuma Museum is a community based organization that promotes and celebrates the traditional and contemporary arts of the Sukuma culture." The museum is in Kisesa, Tanzania. The web site richly describes the Sukuma history, culture, royal traditions and traditional arts with beautiful high-resolution photos.
[posted: Mar 04, 2004]
 Cultured Expressions
The web site of Lisa Shepard, a writer and designer who has authored two books about creative decorating with African fabrics. Her web site offers some free crafting ideas, information on her lectures and appearances, as well as her books and other products. Particularly nice are her quilts made with African textiles (see also the African Mosaic Quilt Kit).
[posted: Mar 04, 2004]
 RLBoone Design
The web site of Ronke Luke-Boone, designer and author of the book African Fabrics: Sewing Contemporary Fashion with Ethnic Flair. She also has a line of beautiful handbags made with Kuba cloths and other african fabrics.
[posted: Mar 04, 2004]
 Aba Tours
Tour operator, with a focus on the arts, culture and people of Ghana. "Aba Tours does not show you Ghana from the window of a tour bus. With us, you meet the people on a personal level and participate in their daily life."
[posted: Mar 04, 2004]
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