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A Teacher's Kit - Ghana

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Please visit the Cross Cultural Collaborative web site, to learn about the programs your purchase will be supporting. They do great work!

This kit has been put together by Marcy Prager, a second grade teacher in Brookline, MA, and Ellie Schimelman, an artist, teacher, and the director of the "Cross Cultural Collaborative" in Ghana. Fifty percent of the proceeds will go to the children's literacy program in Nungua, a suburb of Accra, Ghana.

This kit, appropriate for grades 1, 2, and 3, will help elementary school teachers to focus on the importance of Ghana's culture. Included in the kit are the following Ghanaian "artifacts," a Powerpoint Presentation and movies that will help teachers and students learn about Ghana.


  • 14" x 19" plastic bag with Ghana written on it and a Ghanaian flag attached
  • Map of Ghana
  • Story written by Ghanaian children
  • Two Adinkra Stamps, Directions for Making Adinkra, an Adinkra Chart, Cloth to print on
  • One DVD including: Powerpoint of Making Adinkra Cloth, Bead Making, Adinkra, and Kente Cloth Movies
  • Small Wooden Structure, Ghanaian Weaving Kente Cloth
  • Market Doll - Woman with Baby at Marketplace
  • Package of Glass Beads & Package of Money
  • Ghanaian Music - CD

Supplementary Materials available:

  • 15 page blank notebook, made by Ghanaian children (package of 10 - $75) (individually, $8)
  • Adinkra stamps, $12 each (package of 5) - $50
  • package of 12 beads, $12
  • Culturally Relevant Fiction (A story written by a Ghanaian child) $15
  • DVD (included in kit) - $25
  • Photographs of Ghanaian Life (package of 10, 8" by 10") - $60

for supplementary materials contact:


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